Friday Fan Girl Crush: Mayim Bialik

Funny thing happened the other day. I had a silly dream where the actress Mayim Bialik told me she loved me. While I’m reasonably sure she doesn’t really have any romantic feelings toward me (nor do I for her), I do have a great deal of respect for her. Brilliant Actress I first noticed actress … Continue reading “Friday Fan Girl Crush: Mayim Bialik”

Artist Katherine Young Fixes Girls’ Life Sexist Cover

Compare these two covers. The one on the right is Boys’ Life, a magazine sent to members of the Boy Scouts. Headlines focus on careers and success. Science and making things. The one on the left is Girls’ Life (not affiliated with the Girl Scouts), a magazine targeting girls age 10-15 years. Headlines focus on … Continue reading “Artist Katherine Young Fixes Girls’ Life Sexist Cover”

Feminism and the Freedom to Choose

I am a feminist. Not really a shocker, but let me explain what I mean by that. Feminism is Equality and Freedom Feminism to me is about equality. Equality between women and men, between people of different races and ethnicities, of different religions, of different sexualities and orientations. It’s also about freedom, which ties in … Continue reading “Feminism and the Freedom to Choose”