It surprises some people that know me personally that I write such dark, gritty, violent fiction. Because generally speaking, I’m a very upbeat, positive, nonviolent person. And I must admit, I have from time to time wondered what it is to draws me to this writing style.

Healing Through Creativity

A big part of it comes from my own history of being bullied. I write about underdogs caught up in tough circumstances, not always of their own making. It serves as a creative outlet to express the trauma that I’ve experienced.

It can be quite therapeutic to have the hero, flawed as she may be, to fight her way out of her situation and vanquish her enemies.

But there is another side of it, too.

Good People in a Bad World

We live in a world were bullying has become very mainstream, as has racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. It boggles my mind that so many people think that dehumanizing and bullying innocent people is okay.

With this, a lot of innocent people are caught up in a very violent world. So many of us are struggling just to survive.

And so through my writing, I try to reflect the humanity of people from diverse backgrounds caught up in a violent world.

iron_goddess_cover_150wIRON GODDESS: A SHEA STEVENS THRILLER is set in the world of bikers, street gangs, and drug traffickers. It is a violent world. And my main character, Shea Stevens, grew up amidst this violence. And while she has tried to put it behind her, it continues to permeate her thought processes.

SAPPHO: A SHORT STORYsapphocover2 is set in the world of teenage bullying, which is rife with homophobia. My main character Sappho Espinoza-Brown is trying to establish her own identity, one separate from her two lesbian moms. But she finds it harder to do, and ends up making some costly mistakes.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Another

The wonderful thing about fiction is it allows us to enter the lives of people completely unlike us. And in doing so, we get to see the world differently. I hope this helps us become more compassionate toward each other. That is my biggest goal for writing dark stories.

If you’re looking for stories, that seek the light in a dark world, I encourage you to check out my stories. And please review them!


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