Why I Now Choose to Be Indie Published

A few years ago, I write a post about why I chose to have my first two books traditionally published. Now with a couple books under my belt, I made a 180-degree turn and now choose to publish as an indie (self-published) author for the foreseeable¬† future. So why the change? In short, my needs … Read more

Bot Wars Silliness

caller ID showing telemarketer calling

I thought I’d take a break from my serious discussion of trans issues to share something funny. To counter the overwhelming number of telemarketer calls we got at home, my wife (being a brilliant tech guru) switched our home phone line over to Ooma, which crowdsources a blacklist of telemarketer phone numbers. More recently, she … Read more

Selena and Joan Jett: Guest Post by Greg Barth

I am so excited to have Greg Barth, author of the gritty-as-fuck Selena series, to guest post on my humble blog, sharing about one of my favorite musicians of all time, Joan Jett. Take it away, Greg! I write like a girl. And not a nice one. I guess I should say I write like … Read more