conjurers-waidI do a lot of bitching about indie authors who don’t bother to hire professionals to edit their books or design their covers. And for the most part, justly so.

So it behooves me to offer praise when an indie author does it right. David Waid’s The Conjurers is an excellent example of a professionally produced, self-published book.

The Conjurers tells two parallel stories of children with emerging magical powers, who embark on a dangerous journey while facing ruthless adversaries who want these power for their own. Their stories eventually converge in an ultimate showdown of supernatural forces.

From Ireland comes Eamon and Caitlin, two children who are soon orphaned by bloodthirsty bandits. In Italy, Teresa goes in search of her missing brother only to learn he’s been murdered by a sadistic master of the dark arts.

As their journeys begin, they struggle against forces both human and supernatural. It’s hard to know who to as once-trusted allies turn on them, revealing hidden agendas. But the darkest secrets are yet to be revealed.

Not only is the story perfectly edited and engaging, the professionally designed cover is exciting and inviting. The interior of both the print and ebook versions are formatted with classy accent graphics. Waid went so far as to have his illustrator design a logo for his publishing company. Professional all the way.

But the real proof is in the story itself. From the first page, readers are thrown into an exciting, life-or-death chase scene, which captured me immediately. His descriptions of the setting, action, and characters are vivid without overpowering the story or slowing down the pacing.

The characters are complex and fully-fleshed out. The story structure, though complicated by the parallel story lines, is handled deftly.

I will say there are a few scenes that are disturbingly graphic and may be a bit much for some younger readers. But the story is gripping and the ending satisfying. I look forward to the next installment of what I hope will be a series.


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