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A Broken Woman (Jinx Ballou Book 3)

A fugitive’s innocence was never her concern. Until Now.

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Months after a series of bombings shattered the city of Phoenix, bounty hunter Jinx Ballou still struggles to rebuild her life, haunted by the people she’s lost.

When a new job offer comes her way, she is forced to choose between returning a fellow transgender woman to custody or taking on a legal system that provides justice only to those society deems worthy.

In the third book of her highly acclaimed and groundbreaking Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter series, author Dharma Kelleher once again takes readers on a thrill-a-minute ride through the sun-scorched streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

Fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner, and Sara Paretsky won’t want to skip this white-knuckle roller coaster of a novel.

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