In this hard-edged biker thriller, Shea Stevens goes undercover with a women’s motorcycle club eager to make its mark on the desert—when all she wants to do is ride off into the sunset.

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About the Book

Shea Stevens thought she was finished with outlaws. After a terrifying brush with death in Arizona’s criminal underworld, Shea rededicates her energy to her girlfriend, her ragtag family, and her custom motorcycle shop, Iron Goddess—until the CI agreement she signed to dodge a weapons charge comes back to haunt her.

People are dying from a club drug laced with strychnine. A witness tells the lead detective that the bad pills are coming from a dealer in an all-female motorcycle club: the Athena Sisterhood. Under threat of jail time, Shea is tasked with sniffing out the truth—by infiltrating the Sisterhood. Though they claim to be a bunch of fun-loving feminists, they’re packing some serious firepower. Worse, they’re led by Shea’s former old lady, Debbie Raymond.

The awkward reunion is just the start of Shea’s troubles. As a prospect in the Sisterhood, there’s a target on her back from day one. Biker culture breeds paranoia and violence, which is the whole reason Shea quit in the first place. But she’ll do anything to keep her family safe—even if it means snitching on one of her own.

Series: Shea Stevens Biker Series, Book 2
Genres: lesbian, LGBT, Thriller
Tags: bikers, drug gangs, hardboiled, motorcycle club
Publisher: Alibi
Publication Year: 2017
Format: ebook
Length: novel
ISBN: 9780425285312

eBook Price: $4.99
I liked the first novel in the Shea Stevens a lot because of the original protagonist and the rock 'n' roll vibe of the whole thing. I was less happy with the prose and the pacing sometimes. In this second Shea Stevens story Dharma Kelleher shows us what she has learned from writing that one. The pacing this time is excellent and fast-moving and the prose is tight and a pleasure to read. The protagonist is just as cool! Forced to go undercover with a feminist group of bikers as part of a Criminal Informant contract she has to face off against some old biker enemies and her ex. Shea is taken to the edge of depression and death but manages to keep riding, shooting and punching her way out of trouble. With trangenders, lesbians and gays as characters you might mistake this book for one catering to the LBGT-niche but that's absolutely not the case. While the sexual orientation of the characters carries some importance to them their main roles are not defined by this. This is just a great, hardboiled en very action-packed mystery novel. In fact, I think Dharma did a fantastic job in writing easy to read but exciting action scenes. Looking forward to Shea Stevens # 3!
"OK, it's 2017 and the America we know is about to change, drastically. But what if that is not uppermost in your mind. What if you are jonesing for a book featuring a gay , ex-con ass-kicking biker-babe? The Iron Goddess, Shea Stevens is back in another wild ride of a story. With the tragic death of Barbara Seranella and her "Munch" character, Ms. Kelleher has picked up the baton and is off and running. Her first book in the series, "Iron Goddess" set a high bar but "Snitch" jumps it with ease. Due for release at the end of the month, this is money well spent. Fire up that bike and get ready for a hot trip down a highway with no speed limit."
About the Author
Dharma Kelleher
Dharma Kelleher writes gritty crime fiction with a feminist kick and is one of the only openly transgender voices in the genre.
She is the author of the Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter series and the Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker series. Her work has also appeared in anthologies and on Shotgun Honey.
She is a former journalist and a member of Sisters in Crime, the International Thriller Writers, and the Alliance of Independent Authors. She lives in Arizona with her wife and three feline overlords.
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