caller ID showing telemarketer calling

I thought I’d take a break from my serious discussion of trans issues to share something funny.

To counter the overwhelming number of telemarketer calls we got at home, my wife (being a brilliant tech guru) switched our home phone line over to Ooma, which crowdsources a blacklist of telemarketer phone numbers.

caller ID showing telemarketer calling
Photo credit: rejon via Visual hunt / CC BY

More recently, she added an additional app called Jolly Roger, which ties up phone lines of telemarketers by using a bot of its own. The results are often hilarious.

Just today we got a call from a telemarketer supposedly representing the “Women’s Cancer Fund” (appears to be a scam based on my research, btw). The caller wasn’t a human being but a bot pretending to be human. Thanks to Jolly Roger, our bot had a somewhat disjointed conversation with their bot.



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