Why I Now Choose to Be Indie Published

A few years ago, I write a post about why I chose to have my first two books traditionally published. Now with a couple books under my belt, I made a 180-degree turn and now choose to publish as an indie (self-published) author for the foreseeable¬† future. So why the change? In short, my needs … Read more

What Happened to 30 Years?

I was a young teenager when I first started writing, pounding out poorly structured stories on a manual Smith Corona typewriter. Lawrence Block’s fiction column in Writers Digest was my monthly gospel. I would spend hours scanning Writers Market searching for magazines that might be interested in my stories. I even collected a few rejection … Read more

The REAL Reason It’s Harder to Make a Living Writing

I read a lot of articles and blog posts about how it is so much harder to make a living writing now than it was a few decades ago. Most point the finger at “big, bad traditional publishers” who no longer pay big advances or take chances on emerging writers. Or they blame Amazon or … Read more