Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series

Chaser (Book 1)

She’s hunting a young murder suspect. But who’s hunting her?

Chaser cover art

After a major setback, Jinx Ballou is determined to prove she’s still one of the best bounty hunters in Phoenix, Arizona. To do that, she must track down Holly Schwartz, a young murder suspect on the run. Should be easy, right?

But Holly’s been missing for weeks and other bounty hunters have already failed to locate her. Can Jinx track her down before time runs out?

Following a series of leads, Jinx uncovers a horrific truth, leading her to question whether Holly is really a vicious murderer or another victim. Just when Jinx thinks she’s found her young fugitive, the investigation puts her in the crosshairs of a ruthless gangster.

To survive long enough to return Holly to custody, Jinx must push her skills, her body, and her luck to the limit.

Fans of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series will love this gritty, fast-paced thriller. Its refreshingly unique characters and non-stop, heart-pounding action make it impossible to put down.

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Extreme Prejudice (Book 2)

To stop a terrorist plot, she must track down the FBI’s Most Wanted.

Extreme Prejudice book cover

Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hot on the heels of a fugitive murderer involved with White Nation, a militant organization stoking the fires of prejudice and violence in Phoenix, Arizona.

But her efforts to bring the man to justice backfires, putting those she loves most in harm’s way.

As the city erupts in bigotry and bloodshed, Jinx’s world unravels, pushing her to the breaking point and forcing her to choose between seeking justice and saving lives.

Fans of Karin Slaughter, David Baldacci, and won’t want to skip this white-knuckle roller coaster of a novel.

“Dharma Kelleher has created one of the most unique characters in crime fiction. Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is a creation of contrasting parts. She’s tough but compassionate, profane but sensitive, butch but feminine–and there’s no dark alley she won’t walk down.”
—Renee James, author of the Bobbi Logan mystery series

“Jinx Ballou is the best thing to happen to crime fiction since V. I. Warshawski.”
—Greg Barth, author of the Selena thriller series

“Kelleher’s intriguing character Jinx Ballou, a bounty hunter who operates in the gritty world of the criminals she hunts, is tough, yet vulnerable.”
—Catherine Maiorisi, The Chiara Corelli Mystery Series

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A Broken Woman (Book 3)

A fugitive’s innocence was never her concern. Until Now.

cover art for a broken woman

Months after a series of bombings shattered the city of Phoenix, bounty hunter Jinx Ballou still struggles to rebuild her life, haunted by the people she’s lost.

When a new job offer comes her way, she is forced to choose between returning a fellow transgender woman to custody or taking on a legal system that provides justice only to those society deems worthy.

In the third book of her highly acclaimed and groundbreaking Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter series, author Dharma Kelleher once again takes readers on a thrill-a-minute ride through the sun-scorched streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

Fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner, and Sara Paretsky won’t want to skip this white-knuckle roller coaster of a novel.

“Dharma Kelleher’s A Broken Woman delivers a high-octane, blood-pumping story of justice, any way it can be had. Jinx Ballou is three parts ticking explosive, one part tender protector of friends and all those who deserve better than what they’ve been handed.”
– Lori Rader-Day, Anthony Award-winning author of The Day I Died

“I love a book where crisis after crisis are thrown at the hero and you’ve got that in spades with the latest Jinx Ballou thriller, A Broken Woman.”
– Simon Wood, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of The One That Got Away

“Dharma Kelleher delivers bad-ass blue-collar crime fiction with a snappy sense of humor and a lot of heart. The struggles of Jinx Ballou as she works the periphery of the imperfect criminal justice system make for compelling reading and top-notch entertainment.”
– Thomas Pluck, Anthony-finalist author of Bad Boy Boogie

” A Broken Woman comes swinging out the gates and Kelleher delivers in spades. Engrossing, taut, and kick-your-teeth-in exciting, A Broken Woman needs to be on top of your to-read pile.”
– Angel Luis Colon author of Hell Chose Me

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Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Collection (Books 1–3)

Bounty Hunter Jinx Ballou Is Every Fugitive’s Nightmare.

cover art for the jinx ballou box set

In the sun-scorched urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona, bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is one woman you don’t want to cross.

She’s tough, resourceful, and relentless when pursuing fugitive murderers, terrorists, and anyone else who refuses to answer for their crimes.

Whatever it takes, she’ll bring lawbreakers to justice.

At the same time, Jinx has a nerdy side. She’s crazy into comic books and cosplays as Wonder Woman in her spare time.

Each book in this three-volume box set is a balls-to-the-wall, white-knuckle action thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the very last.

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