Funny thing happened the other day. I had a silly dream where the actress Mayim Bialik told me she loved me. While I’m reasonably sure she doesn’t really have any romantic feelings toward me (nor do I for her), I do have a great deal of respect for her.

Brilliant Actress

mayim_bialik_at_gracie_awards_gala_cropI first noticed actress Mayim Bialik when she played the younger version of Bette Midler’s character in the movie Beaches. Yeah, I’m showing my age. I thought she was fun and brilliant and talented.

Later she appeared in the series Blossom, which I never watched. But I was wonderfully surprised when she became a regular on the show Big Bang Theory, which as a lifelong science fan, I love anyway.

On the show, Bialik plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, a socially awkward, yet brilliant neuroscientist, who has an semi-romantic relationship with Dr. Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons. She and Parsons have great awkward chemistry and comedic skills.

Brilliant Neuroscientist

mayim_bialik_at_paleyfest_2013Yes, you read that correctly. Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience, just like the character she plays. Her doctoral thesis was on the role of oxytocin and vasopressin in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome. Wow!

I have heard, though I can’t confirm, that there have been times on the set of Big Bang Theory where the writers come up with a science-related scene and Bialik stepped in and said, “Wait, that’s not quite right. Here’s the way a real scientist would do this or describe that.”

Awesome Human Being

But what makes me fan girl crush on Bialik so much is that she is simply an awesome human being. She is compassionate, insightful, bold, and dedicated to living her truth.

Politically, she describes herself as liberal. She is a strong ally of the LGBTQIA+ communities and has blogged on these subjects on several occasions.

A big part of her life centers around her faith. She describes herself as politically liberal and also an aspiring Modern Orthodox Jew. She talks a lot about her faith in her YouTube videos, such as why she prefers to wear burkinis instead of bikinis. And her reasons are well thought out and very feminist, which may surprise many.

She is a complex person, who gives a lot of thought to her worldview and who uses her celebrity status to help others. You learn more about her and her work on her Wikipedia page and on her website

Here is a recent video from her YouTube Channel:

I tip my helmet to you, Mayim! Keep being awesome!

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