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Blood Sisters ebook (Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker Book 3)


Enjoy this personalized and signed paperback crime thriller about an ex-con female biker straddling the law as she pursues her own brand of justice in Arizona’s high desert.

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Some secrets are deadly.

Shea Stevens and the Athena Sisterhood Motorcycle Club agree to protect a troubled woman from a powerful politician who will do anything to conceal a dark secret. The situation turns deadly when the politician pulls some strings the Sisterhood didn’t anticipate.

Shea calls in old favors to stem the violence and protect their own, but will it be enough to keep the high desert streets of Cortes County, Arizona, from running red with blood?

In the long-awaited third installment of the Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker series, author Dharma Kelleher gives readers another high octane, action crime thriller where the twists come as fast as the punches.

Blood Sisters is a must-read for fans of gritty crime fiction about strong, diverse women who kick ass in the name of justice.


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