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Overcoming Creative Self-Doubt, Writer’s Block, and Impostor Syndrome


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Don’t let self-doubt sabotage your writing career.

Are you a writer who suffers from imposter syndrome or writer’s block? Do you ever read your work and feel embarrassed by it?

Are you convinced that you’ll only be a “real” writer after you’ve been published by one of the Big Five, won an award, become a bestseller, or quit your day job to write full time?

Then Breakthrough can help you confront these doubts and put you on the path to a more enjoyable author career.

This book focuses on mindset, not craft. But it will lay the groundwork to enable you to write with greater confidence, push through limits, and not only achieve your goals, but savor the journey along the way.

Breakthrough provides deep insights from experienced crime novelist Dharma Kelleher, who has struggled with creative self-doubt, just like you, and has learned to move beyond it. She combines the wisdom she’s learned from overcoming substance abuse and PTSD, as well as her many years as a practicing Buddhist.

Dharma provides practical steps to success on the following topics:

  • Understanding Your Unique Creative Process
  • The Comparison Delusion
  • How to Deal with Negative Reviews
  • The Delusions of Success
  • Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Enjoying the Great Swampy Middle
  • Dealing with Failure and Burnout

If you find yourself hating your work, dreading the act of writing, or you feel like you’ll only be a “real author” after you’ve achieved some trapping of recognition or success, then this is the book you need.

Buy your copy of Breakthrough now and launch your writing career into a more positive direction for emotional and financial success.

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Releases December 14, 2021
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What Other Authors Are Saying About Breakthrough

Dharma Kelleher delivers a captivating and immersive inspirational guide for writers. Kelleher is raw, honest, vulnerable, and thorough. More writers need to hear these words of wisdom, and Kelleher is a trustworthy source of guidance and empathy.

Marissa Alexa McCool, host of The Inciting Incident Podcast