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Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker Collection Personalized Signed Paperbacks (Books 1-3)


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Enjoy these personalized and signed paperback crime thrillers about an ex-con female biker straddling the law as she pursues her own brand of justice in Arizona’s high desert.

The Books

Iron Goddess (Book 1)

Eight years after getting out of prison, Shea Stevens is estranged from her outlaw biker family and has her own business building custom motorcycles. But when her niece is kidnapped, Shea launches herself back into the criminal underworld of Arizona’s high desert, risking her own freedom and life in the process.

Snitch (Book 2)

Shea Stevens thought she’d shut the door on the chaos and violence of her past. She just wants to build custom motorcycles and spend time with her girlfriend and orphaned niece.

But when people start dying from a club drug laced with strychnine, a deal she made with the cops comes back to haunt her. She must either infiltrate the Athena Sisterhood, a women’s biker club suspected of dealing the drug, or she’ll be sent back to prison.

Blood Sisters (Book 3)

Shea Stevens and the Athena Sisterhood Motorcycle Club agree to protect a troubled woman from a powerful politician who will do anything to conceal a dark secret. The situation turns deadly when the politician pulls some strings the Sisterhood didn’t anticipate.

Shea calls in old favors to stem the violence and protect their own, but will it be enough to keep the high desert streets of Cortes County, Arizona, from running red with blood?


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8.5″ X 5.5″
~350 pages (each book)

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