Review: Tracy Clark’s WHAT YOU DON’T SEE

With the coronavirus raging and the struggle to end police brutality turning into a flashback of the 1960s Civil Rights movement, it is refreshing to lose oneself in a well-written murder mystery.

Tracy Clark’s What You Don’t See is the third book in her fabulous Cass Raines series. It does not disappoint.

In What You Don’t See, ex-cop-turned-private-investigator Cass Raines is hired to protect Vonda Allen, an arrogant media mogul who has been receiving threatening letters. Raines’ efforts to investigate the source of the letters are thwarted by Allen herself, who dismisses the threat as absurd. Until bodies start dropping.

What entails is an exciting search for answers as Raines ruffles feathers with her former colleagues in the Chicago PD, discovering dark secrets buried in Allen’s past.

As with her first two books, Broken Places and Borrowed Time, author Tracy Clark presents readers with a rich cast of complex characters, exciting plot twists, and nail-biting excitement.

So do yourself a favor. Take a break from the news and social media, and get your copy of What You Don’t See. You won’t be disappointed.