My Fairy Drag Mothers

Drag queens in Chile

Lately, there has been a storm brewing between the drag community and the trans community. It’s actually been going on for quite some time, but it seems to have intensified recently. And at the risk of sounding like 45, there really are good and bad people on both sides. For those not exactly clear on … Read more My Fairy Drag Mothers

A Light in the Dark

It surprises some people that know me personally that I write such dark, gritty, violent fiction. Because generally speaking, I’m a very upbeat, positive, nonviolent person. And I must admit, I have from time to time wondered what it is to draws me to this writing style. Healing Through Creativity A big part of it … Read more A Light in the Dark

Book Review: “Irreparable Harm” by Melissa F. Miller

Irreparable Harm, the debut legal thriller from Melissa F. Miller, takes readers on quite a ride. Protagonist Sasha McCandless is an attorney defending her client Hemisphere Air against a class action lawsuit following a devastating crash. When Sasha learns that an experimental technology may have led to the crash, the creators of the tech go to extreme measures to cover their assets.

Finding Conflict

I am currently brainstorming the sequel to my novel Iron Goddess. Making the shift from editing back to brainstorming is tough for me. Probably tough for a lot of writers. Even assuming that I’m using many of the characters from the first book, I am faced with the question: What now? One of the tools … Read more Finding Conflict