Selena and Joan Jett: Guest Post by Greg Barth

I am so excited to have Greg Barth, author of the gritty-as-fuck Selena series, to guest post on my humble blog, sharing about one of my favorite musicians of all time, Joan Jett. Take it away, Greg! I write like a girl. And not a nice one. I guess I should say I write like … Read more Selena and Joan Jett: Guest Post by Greg Barth

A Light in the Dark

It surprises some people that know me personally that I write such dark, gritty, violent fiction. Because generally speaking, I’m a very upbeat, positive, nonviolent person. And I must admit, I have from time to time wondered what it is to draws me to this writing style. Healing Through Creativity A big part of it … Read more A Light in the Dark

Finding Conflict

I am currently brainstorming the sequel to my novel Iron Goddess. Making the shift from editing back to brainstorming is tough for me. Probably tough for a lot of writers. Even assuming that I’m using many of the characters from the first book, I am faced with the question: What now? One of the tools … Read more Finding Conflict

Writer’s Resource: Callsigns and Nicknames

Coming up with regular character names can be enough of a challenge. I find coming up with nicknames even more of a challenge. A good nickname is memorable, organic in origin, and often hints at an interesting story. Think about names like Puke Ass, Syndrome and Crazy T (which is the nickname for a good … Read more Writer’s Resource: Callsigns and Nicknames