Launches March 2, 2018

Chaser cover artGenre: Thriller
Publisher: Pariah Press
Published: March 2, 2018

When Arizona bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is outed as transgender, she’s thrown into a tailspin. The bail bond company she works for axes her, and she’s desperate to find a new job.

Boyfriend and fellow bounty hunter Conor gives her a tip about another agency that might be hiring, and soon Jinx lands the job and is on the hunt for an infamous handicapped girl who’s accused of killing her mother and fleeing town.

The teenager proves to be slippery, and Jinx’s job becomes even more dangerous when a Chechen crime boss gets involved and threatens her and the lives of the people she loves.

Fans of crime fiction will enjoy this fast-paced novel brimming with fresh characters, witty dialogue, and twists and turns galore.

What Makes This Novel So Groundbreaking

For too long, transgender characters in crime fiction have been portrayed as freaks, sex workers, or victims. And that’s when they show up in crime fiction at all.

At the same time, most novels featuring a transgender protagonist are either coming out/transition stories or romances. Where are all of the stories with transgender protagonists where the plot doesn’t revolve around their gender identity?

Author and trans woman Dharma Kelleher has searched for such high and low for such stories. And when she found a rare few, she decided to make transgender crime fiction a genre in its own right. Stories where transgender people are the heroes not the victims, and where the stories don’t revolve around transition or gender identity. Because trans people have lives too.

Thus Jinx Ballou, a bounty hunter who happens to be transgender, was born. She’s tough, snarky, and good at what she does. And when the going gets tough, she kicks ass.