snitch_v4-1Publisher: Alibi (Penguin Random House)
Publish Date:
January 31, 2017
Thriller, Noir, LGBT

In this hard-edged biker thriller, ex-con and motorcycle builder Shea Stevens is trying to keep her business afloat, take care of a traumatized niece, and mollify her neglected girlfriend desperate for some alone time. But a confidential informant agreement she’d been coerced into signing months earlier threatens all of that.

When the Athena Sisterhood, a feminist biker club, is suspected of dealing drugs laced with strychnine, Shea is forced to infiltrate the club as a snitch for the cops or risk going back to prison.

Complicating matters is the fact that the Sisterhood is run by Shea’s rage-aholic ex-girlfriend, Deb. Meanwhile, the Confederate Thunder, a local outlaw biker club once run by Shea’s father, sees the Sisterhood as intruding on their territory, leading to a war between the clubs.

As more people die from spiked drugs and the violence between the two clubs escalates, Shea finds her loyalties tested. In the Sisterhood, she discovers the support she needs to deal with her haunted past. But her efforts to find the source of the drugs threatens to destroy everything she values—her family, her freedom, and her life.


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