I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. Pursued a career in journalism. Hated it. Asking people how they feel after a loved one is killed is not how I wanted to make a living.

Decades later, I fell back in love with writing and have been perfecting my craft ever since, while paying the bills as a web developer and freelance editor.

After playing around with a few different genres, I found my home writing gritty stories about lesbians and transgender people living in an often hostile world.

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Need Edits? I Haz Dem!

If you are a writer who ready to submit your work to agents or publishers, or if you are planning on on self-publishing, you’re going to want to hire a freelance editor to give your manuscript the polish it deserves. Especially if you want to big advance from a publisher or five-star reviews from readers.

I have been editing other people’s work for several years. Before that, I was the news director of a radio station. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism, home of the Peabody Award.

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