Weird is Good


Let’s face it. I’m weird. I have weird hair. I have a weird name. I ride motorcycles. I can be anal about the rules of grammar. I love reading and writing, especially crime fiction. I’m also transgender, gay, and a living kidney donor.

And don’t tell anyone, but I sleep with a teddy bear. Shhhh! It’s our little secret.

But being weird has its perks. For one, people tend to remember me. Most of the time, that’s a good thing.

It also gives me a LOT of material to draw on for my writing, both in my blog and my fiction.

What I Write

In my creative work, I tend to write rough and tumble stories about interesting people dealing with extraordinary situations—a biker chick who risks everything to rescue her niece from drug dealers, a girl with lesbian moms pushing back against a high school bully, an emerging news reporter hunting a legendary monster, and more.

On my blog, I write about books I’ve read, shows I’ve seen, cool science news, motorcycles stuff, LGBT issues, etc.

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