Returning to Writer Conferences

Returning to Writer Conferences

It's been a few years since I last attended a writer's conference.

Part of the reason is, of course, the pandemic. And I'm happy to say, I have not caught COVID and hope to keep it that way. 

But one of the other reasons is because, in addition to my author career and my day job, I do a lot to take care of my wife.

I won't go into to detail about her issues. Suffice it to say, she depends a lot on me to prepare meals and provide a lot of other care. She is also a fall risk. 

We've been married for 25 years this year. We make each other so happy. We are both immensely grateful for each other. She's taught me so much about love and has always been the major breadwinner. I help care for her physical needs with immense joy and gratitude. 

At the same time, I miss spending time in person with my author community. I don't really talk about it. I don't complain. But she's always been my biggest cheerleader and wants me to enjoy life and my author career as much as possible. 

She was the one who suggested I sign up for 20Books Vegas, which takes place this November.

I was shocked. "How could I leave you for the better part of a week?" I asked. 

"I'll be fine. I can take care of myself for a few days."

We had a long discussion about it. She is so enthusiastic about me going. And I am excited about it too. And we've done a lot since the last time she fell to make sure she can get help (on the rare occasions I'm out of the house.) 

I'm still very nervous about leaving her alone. But I am looking forward to seeing my author friends in person, many for the first time. Amazing authors like Sacha Black, Joanna Penn, Mark Leslie Lefevre, Tammi Labrecque, and so many others. And I go with her blessing. 

I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing woman. *grateful tear* 

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