About Me

A photo of Dharma Kelleher in front of a bookshelf.

Greetings from Arizona

My name is Dharma Kelleher, and I write gritty crime thrillers about queer women who kick ass.

I’m one of the few openly transgender authors in the crime fiction genre. My action-driven thrillers explore the complexities of social and criminal justice in a world where the legal system favors the privileged.

A photo of printed books by Dharma including Road Rash, Chaser, and Extreme Prejudice.

I’m a proud member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and the Alliance of Independent Authors. 

I live in metro Phoenix with my wife, Eileen, and a black cat named Mouse. In my spare time, I make latte art,  reminisce about my days as a biker, and complain about the summer heat. 

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A paperback copy of TERF Wars next to a latte with a funny face drawn on it.
Dharma Kelleher with her wife Eileen.
A photo of Mouse, Dharma Kelleher's black cat, sitting on her desk and staring at the camera.