Still Sober After All These Years

Still Sober After All These Years

Today, I’m celebrating my 27th sobriety birthday.

Twenty seven years ago, I was married to an abusive man. We were both alcoholics. He was a rageaholic and I was codependent. I was also dealing with the trauma of coming out as transgender a few years earlier.

One night, it got to be too much and I tried to end my life. Fortunately, I failed.

The next morning I started to make a change. I started going to AA, and later other support groups. A year later, I found the courage to leave my husband. A year after that, I fell in love with an amazing woman, who also happened to be transgender. A year or so after that I donated a kidney to a complete stranger.

Even sober, my life hasn’t been easy. I've struggled with employment. I still deal with PTSD and other issues. And being trans these days is tough AF.

But doing it sober is SO MUCH EASIER than doing it drunk. And living without the cheap drama and chaos that drinking and stinking thinking causes is a HUGE RELIEF. Living sober, living honestly and without shame is an amazing gift. I am so grateful. 

I’m proud of the woman and author and human being I’ve become. Thank you for attending my TED Talk.

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