What's On Your Summer (or Winter) Reading List?

What's On Your Summer (or Winter) Reading List?

Here in the northern hemisphere, it's summer. For a lot of us, that means sunscreen, flip flops, and beach reads. 

I'll be honest. I'm not sure exactly what defines a beach read. Is it simply any book that a person reads by the beach? Does the story take place at the beach? Does it have to be light reading, or can it be dark and gritty? What are your thoughts? 

Of course, for all you fine folks south of the equator, it's winter. Perhaps that means snuggling under a warm blanket with your latest favorite novel. 

As it happens, I happen to be reading a book where the inciting incident takes place at a beach. Specifically, I'm reading Robyn Gigl's new release, Remain Silent, which is the third book in her Erin McCabe legal thriller series. It's really good and I recommend it. 

I just finished Renee James BeatNikki's Café. Also a great crime story. More of a slow burn, with an unexpected twist at the end. 

So what's on your summer (or winter) reading list? Are you focusing on new releases? Or familiar classics? And what do you think defines a beach read? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Best answer gets a free ebook. 

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I’m reading Dana Stabenow’s Not the Ones Dead. One the reading list are that from Donna Leon, Deborah Crombie, Donna Andrews, and Elly Griffiths

Janet West

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