6 Reasons to Buy Direct Rather Than From A Retailer

I get it. Buying from your preferred bookstore is a habit. Maybe you like reading on your Kindle or other device. And you still can, even when you buy direct. But there are several other reasons why buying direct is better for you.

  1. Bonus story/scene included in ebooks
    In every ebook I sell directly, I include a bonus scene not available on any book retailer. Sometimes a bonus short story.
  2. Signed print copies
    If you live in the U.S. and prefer print books, why buy an unsigned copy from a retailer when you can get a personalized, signed copy from me for the same price?
  3. Get new releases a month early
    All new releases will be available on this website a month before their official launch date.
  4. Support creators not corporations
    When you buy from Amazon, Apple, Kobo, etc., the retailer gets between 30-65% of the cover price. I get what's left. Whereas when you buy direct, I get 95% of the cover price. So unless you're interested in helping Jeff Bezos buy another cock-shaped rocket, help a creator out and buy direct.
  5. I donate 10% of gross sales to Lambda Legal
    More money to me means more money goes to fight for LGBTQ+ equality. Join the fight. Buy direct.
  6. Save 10% with this coupon code
    When you buy direct and use the coupon code DIRECT10, you save 10% off your order. Every time.

Get more story. Get it cheaper. Get it sooner. Support creators. Fight anti-LGBTQ legislation. And still enjoy the books on your preferred device. Why wouldn't you want to buy direct?

Pro Tip: If you read on multiple Kindle devices/apps, here is a great way to load your directly purchased ebook into your entire Kindle library, making it available on every device.