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Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker Series Book 3

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A powerful senator concealing a scandal. A ruthless biker gang with a grudge. One woman defies them all to ensure the truth is told.

Shea Stevens fears an impending biker gang war could destroy her family. A year after she put a rival club behind bars, Shea is blindsided when a crooked senator gets them out of prison.

When the senator’s former mistress begs for protection, Shea and her own sisterhood of female bikers rally to defend the woman from from the merciless gang sent to silence her.

But as violence rocks the once-quiet streets of rural Arizona and long-kept secrets are exposed, Shea fears losing the one person she treasures most. Her young niece.

Can Shea protect both women from a crooked senator and the bloodthirsty biker gang bent on revenge?

Blood Sisters is the gripping third book in the Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker crime thriller series. If you like full-throttle action, heart-pounding intrigue, and exciting tales where queer women join forces and kick ass, then you’ll love Dharma Kelleher’s thrilling story of high-octane girl power.

Buy Blood Sisters today and join Shea as she fights for justice and truth.

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