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Shea Stevens Ebook Complete Series

Shea Stevens Ebook Complete Series

Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker Series

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Sometimes Justice Requires Breaking the Law

Shea Stevens grew up in the world of outlaw bikers. Her father was the president of the Confederate Thunder Motorcycle Club until he went to prison for murdering her mother.

After a brief stint in prison herself, Shea has tried to make an honest living in rural Arizona building custom motorcycles. But life keeps pulling her back into a world of guns, drugs, and violence.

Fans have described this series as Sons of Anarchy meets The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Pull on your leathers and enjoy this thrilling three-volume collection of gritty action crime thrillers from groundbreaking queer author Dharma Kelleher that will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours.

Iron Goddess - Book 1

What would you risk to save someone you never met?

Eight years after getting out of prison, Shea Stevens is estranged from her outlaw biker family and has her own business building custom motorcycles. But her new new life is about to be disrupted by the shadow of her past.

When her niece is kidnapped, Shea's sister shows up begging for help. Although she's never met the missing girl, Shea is ready to risk her freedom and her life to save her. Family is still family.

As Shea launches herself back into the criminal underworld of Arizona's high desert in search of her niece, she rediscovers the reasons why she fled the outlaw biker world so many years before as well as her own long-buried secret.

Can she recover the girl in time? And what will her loyalty cost her?

In her debut novel, author Dharma Kelleher delivers a bold new thriller that is equal parts Sons of Anarchy and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Snitch - Book 2

Would You Rat Out A Friend To Stay Out of Prison?

Shea Stevens thought she’d shut the door on the chaos and violence of her past. But her new life of building motorcycles and raising her orphaned niece is about to be disrupted.

When college students start dying from ecstasy laced with rat poison, an all-but forgotten deal Shea struck with the cops comes back to haunt her. She must either infiltrate the Athena Sisterhood, a women’s biker club suspected of dealing the drugs, or she’ll be sent back to prison.

As if becoming a snitch isn’t bad enough, Shea learns that the Athena Sisterhood is embroiled in a turf war with the her father’s outlaw biker gang. Shea’s allegiances are tested as the violence between the clubs escalates and the troubling truth about the deadly drugs emerges.

Will Shea choose loyalty over justice? And what will her ultimate decision cost her?

Blood Sisters - Book 3

Are Some Secrets Worth Dying For?

Shea Stevens and the Athena Sisterhood Motorcycle Club agree to protect a troubled woman from a state senator who will do anything to conceal a dark secret.

The situation turns deadly when the powerful politician pulls some strings the Sisterhood didn't anticipate. Shea and the Sisterhood are forced to call in old favors to stem the violence and protect the woman and their own.

Will it be enough to keep the high desert streets of rural Arizona from running red with blood?

Road Rash - Book 4

How Do You Save Someone Who Doesn't Want To Be Saved?

After a minor motorcycle accident, lesbian biker Shea Stevens wants to recuperate at home with her girlfriend and work on a design for a new custom motorcycle.

But when a friend's adult daughter, Megan, disappears into a suspected cult in Sedona, Arizona, Shea agrees to go undercover as a prospective recruit to bring the young woman home.

Megan assures Shea she's in no danger, that the allegations of the group being a cult are bitter lies told by ex-members. But Shea isn't so easily convinced.

Shea's suspicions turn to outrage when she discovers what's really going on. After her cover is blown, Shea faces an impossible choice between staying out of prison or saving Megan.

The wrong decision could cost her everything she holds dear.

This white-knuckle roller coaster ride will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours. You'll cheer for this cast of diverse, badass characters who sometimes cross the line in their pursuit of justice. Enjoy!

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