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Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series Book 4

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A Fight For Justice Has Become A Battle for Truth

Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hot on the trail of Blair Marshall, a fugitive who brutally murdered a transgender woman in a public restroom. As a trans woman herself, Jinx is more determined than ever to bring this bigoted killer to justice.

But at every turn, Jinx's attempts to apprehend Marshall are thwarted by the ruthless transphobic hate group her fugitive controls. A series of high-speed car chases, brutal fights, and unsuccessful takedowns leave Jinx and her team frustrated and empty-handed.

When an undaunted Jinx presses on, she finds herself in a war of media manipulation, disinformation, and deep-faked videos that paints a target on her back and puts loved ones in grave danger.

Will Jinx bring Marshall to justice before more innocent people are killed?

TERF Wars is the fourth thriller in the highly acclaimed Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter crime fiction series, although each book in the series can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Curl up with TERF Wars and join Jinx on an action-packed thrill ride that will leave you cheering for more.

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