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Date Night

The maître d’ at Dizzy D’s Jazz Café guided Jake Peterson past the bandstand to a cozy booth in the rear of the dimly lit restaurant.

A young woman sitting with her back to the stage looked up as he approached. From the way her eyes lit up, he knew she was his type. Glacier white grin that begged for a man’s approval, a scoop-necked blouse that revealed plenty of cleavage, and a haircut that said, I’m a professional, but still like to have fun.

“You Mandy?” he asked, his gaze eventually meeting her eyes. 

“I am. You must be Jake.” She extended her hand.

He kissed her hand instead of shaking it. “The one and only Jake Peterson at your service.”

“Wow!” A flush of warmth colored her face. “Your Tinder pic doesn’t do you justice. You’re much more handsome in person.”

“Thanks.” He beamed and took a seat. “You’re pretty hot yourself. I’m surprised no one’s snatched you up already.”

Mandy shrugged and rolled her eyes playfully. “You know how it is. So busy making a living you forget about what’s important sometimes.”

“I hear ya.” His brow creased. “Your text said you just wanted to meet for dessert. What’s that about?”

“I don’t know. I don’t drink alcohol, so meeting for drinks is out. Dinner feels like too much of a commitment for a first date. Just dessert seems like a happy medium.”

“Suits me fine.” Jake’s eyes drifted back to her chest until their server arrived. Jake took the bold step of ordering for the both of them. Every woman loves a take-charge man, he thought.

“Hey, could I ask a favor?” Mandy asked when the server left. “You mind if I sit on your side? I’d like to see the band.”

“You want to switch? No problem.” He started to slide out of the booth.

“No, no! You stay there. I’ll sit next to you. Cozier, don’t you think?”

A sly grin curled the corners of Jake’s mouth. “Anything you want, baby.” He slid closer to the wall to give Mandy room.

She slid in clumsily, fumbling with a black clutch purse. He felt a slight sting when she brushed his leg. “Ow! What the fuck?”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. There’s this stupid plastic thread that pokes out of my purse. I’m always sticking myself with it. I’m so embarrassed.”

He cleared his throat, recovering his composure. “No problem. Maybe you could kiss it and make it better.”

“You’re quite the charmer, Jake Peterson.” She squeezed the growing bulge in his pants. “I’d be happy to. Just let me hit the ladies’ room real quick. You mind?”

The rush of blood to his crotch left him feeling light-headed. “Yeah, that’d be fine.”

Mandy slipped out of the booth, leaned over, and whispered in his ear, “Your wife Veronica sends her regards.” She hustled away.

A pressure built in his chest. His heart raced “What the hell?” An explosion of pain radiated throughout his body as if his arteries were on fire. He fell onto his side gasping and holding his chest. The bustle of the restaurant faded to silence.

Mandy dashed out the back entrance of the restaurant, ditching the blond wig and the syringe in a Dumpster that reeked of rancid garlic. The cocktail of aconitine and potassium chloride she’d injected into his femoral artery would work fast and would look like a heart attack to witness. Still, she needed to make herself scarce, in case someone got the bright idea of doing an autopsy.

She hopped into her car and slipped into the late evening traffic. Once safely away, she dialed the client’s number. “Veronica Peterson? This is Mandy from Just Deserts. I wanted to let you know your order has shipped.”

“Just Deserts?” The woman on the other end paused for a moment. “Oh, right! My order. Oh, thank you so much. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.”

“My pleasure. Thanks for your patronage.”

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